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Joshua Tree Engagement

Mai Bri Joshua Tree Engagement - 013

Brian had planned the whole proposal for months, bought the ring, and had it in his backpack the entire time we were in Los Angeles. No one knew. We left LA and set out for our desert adventure with our two best friends at Joshua Tree Park in Palm Springs, one of our favorite destinations. We hiked on sandy paths and stopped at a place called Barker Dam to rest. There, he asked me to climb to the top of the rocks with him.

Once we got to the top, I was so taken by the view that I did not even notice him fumbling in his backpack. While I was busy taking photos of the captivating vista, I kept hearing him say “I love you” over and over again, in his effort to get my attention. When I finally turned around, he was on one knee, shaking a little, with a small box in his hands. That’s when it hit me, it’s really happening!

He had many words prepared for this moment, but we both started crying. He opened the box to reveal the most beautiful ring that I could ever hope for.
“Will you marry me?”
I nodded and stuck out my hand, and he placed the ring on it.
“That’s a yes?”

It was perfect. The view, our surroundings, the amazing sun and skies. I will never forget that moment when it was just the two of us, standing on those rocks together. After 7 years together, he still manages to surprise me in the most amazing ways. This place is a reminder of the spirit that brought us together, the spirit of adventure and our love of capturing those memories together with our cameras.

Mai Bri Joshua Tree Engagement - 007

Barker Dam Trail
Mai Bri Joshua Tree Engagement - 001

The climb to the top
Mai Bri Joshua Tree Engagement - 003

My view right before he proposed
Mai Bri Joshua Tree Engagement - 002

Mai Bri Joshua Tree Engagement - 004

Mai Bri Joshua Tree Engagement - 005

Celebratory jump!
Mai Bri Joshua Tree Engagement - 006

Mai Bri Joshua Tree Engagement - 009

Our magical sunset
Mai Bri Joshua Tree Engagement - 011

Mai Bri Joshua Tree Engagement - 010

Mai Bri Joshua Tree Engagement - 012

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Trumpet and Horn

As we were searching for the perfect engagement ring, we stumbled upon Trumpet & Horn, a jeweler based in Los Angeles who specializes in only antique and vintage jewelry. They carry a vast collection of wonderfully unique jewelry, some are as old as the 1700’s to 1950’s. There is something very timeless and elegant about these one-of-a-kind pieces. I love that each one has such a rich history, and their story will be carried on by the next bride.







For the even more unconventional bride, their collections of Emerald and Opal Rings are to die for!